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As I guess most people do when they find out they're having a baby, we ran out to buy a book. We have had "the bible" for about a week, and read it together before bed most days. It is a big volume, so we have been working our way through. Yesterday, we read about food to avoid (mainly those that can bring infections) and the most basic part about what to eat. (another 8 pages or so on the details of each food groups)

It is exciting time, and we are learning new things everytime we pick up the book. But we get lazy today and went for a lazy alternative to books. Video! I got Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy from Discovery Health a few days ago and today we watched it together on the sofa. (with Harry)

While the bibile is certainly more informative, the video really makes me think. "Wow, we're doing this!" In 1st year of college I had to take reproductive biology (and aced it), and being a Discovery fan I have watched similar videos many time in the past. But this time, knowing that we are on our way on the journey that is being shown, it feels very different. In a good, scary, wonderful kind of way.

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