Risk Management
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Risks Interconnection Map

 Risk Interconnection Map is an interesting way of presenting risk information. Comparing to regular risk maps, which display severity and likelihood, the interconnection map adds the element of, well, interconnectedness. And then some. A total of 5 dimensions are visualized:

  • Risk likelihood – by the size of circles
  • Risk severity – by the darkness of the circles’ outlines
  • Risk domain – by fill colour
  • Risk interconnection – by lines connection circles
  • Strength of interconnection – by thickness of interconnecting lines

Clicking on each risk brings up a focused view of interconnections, with that risk in the center.

This is part of World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report 2010. The full report can be downloaded by following the link, and contains a few more interesting visualization of risk profiles, like these. The Global Risk Report series goes back to 2006.

One risk highlighted in the 2010 report is risk of global governance gap, which is described to be “Weak or inadequate global institutions and agreements and competing national/political interests impede necessary collaboration around global risks.” It was further highlighted that this is very strongly connected to risk of retrenchment from globalization, which is described as “Multiple developed economies adopt policies that create barriers to flows of goods, capital and labour and fail to engage with multilateral governance structures to address global challenges”.

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