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Kindle’s Facebook app privacy concern

While playing around with my Kindle today, I toyed with the "Social Networks" feature. This can be accessed through menu, settings.

The set up is quite simple, for Facebook it only asked for email address and password, after which the Kindle proceed to tell me the account is now linked. Any notes I make on Kindle books will be published to my Facebook profile. So far, so good.

But I am wary that it does not ask me to approve specific access rights of the Kindle's Facebook app. For most other Facebook integration I have seen, these are the case. So I log into Facebook on my PC, and here's what I found.

Apparently, Amazon thinks that in order to publish my notes & highlights – which are just plain texts – I am required to relinquish my profile information, contacts, family links and relationships, see my photos and videos, as well as my friends' birthdays and political views. Because, how could you send plain text to Facebook without these information? Right, Amazon?

More ironic is that the rights to "Post to my Wall", the only thing I want the app to do, is apparently not required, and can be removed if I wish. But the above access ARE required.


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