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Drupal2WordPress script

I am wary of blogging about blogging, but this deserves a post. I just migrated 645 posts with their comments from Drupal 7 to WordPress 4, using the excellent Drupal2Wordpress script. The script is by Liran Tal, who improved on original script by Robin Singh.  (Read more about the script at Liran’s post)

It worked extremely well. All I had to do was set up a fresh WordPress installation, config the database connection to the Drupal database and WordPress database, and voila! The process took less than a minute, and I was presented with these delightful messages:

Database Connection successful

WordPress Table Truncated

Tags Updated

Category Updated

Posts Updated

Tags & Posts Relationships Updated

Posted Type Updated

Tags Count Updated

URL Alias to Slug Updated

Comments Updated – 11 Level

Users Updated

Cheers !!

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