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Fabrinet Chokchai

Last weekend, we went to the National Science Museum to see the Ice Age exhibition. My daughter loved it, but that is for another post. On the way back, we were going past my former workplace so I decided to pay a visit. This 230,000 square-foot factory, formerly of Seagate, was where Fabrinet started. It is not a new building, and would be regularly affected by seasonal rains. Humidity in the clean rooms would go up in a downpour and operations had to stop because the optoelectronic integration processes require stringent set of conditions, and sometimes we had flooding outside that doesn’t affect the clean rooms as much as the engineers (including me) who had their car half-submurged.

After sustaining a lot of water damages in the 2011 great flood, it was finally shut down and all operations moved to Pinehurst, where state-of-the-art buildings now produce a lot of the world’s optical telecommunication device and sub-systems.

Friday is shipping day.
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DI Water Plant / สวมเอี๊ยม
[exif id=”3472″]

These used to be class 100 and class 1000 clean rooms.
[exif id=”3473″]

For my first work out of academia, my desk rest somewhere in this frame.
[exif id=”3474″]

Another angle of rows after rows of former clean rooms.
[exif id=”3475″]


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