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My short conversation with GrabTaxi on being Social Enterprise

Last week at Echelon Thailand 2014, GrabTaxi took the stage and I had the following Twitter conversation following @HUBBAThailand‘s tweet.

In retrospect, I should have find out a bit more about them before firing that off.

That week, GrabTaxi’s @GrabNina is tweeting the @Thailander account.

As I talked about this with my wife afterward, she pointed out not monitizing does not always equal being charitable or socially responsible. A competitor will say this is buying market share.

I am hardly the first to call into question GrabTaxi’s claim to be, in their words, first and foremost a social enterprise. This Straits Time article is an example of those wary of such use of the terms.

My final remarks is, if you have been calling your service a Social Enterprise for several years, shouldn’t you have share the extent of the social aspect by now? I am quite interested to see what amounts to “large portion of proceeds”.

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