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Really Right Stuff L-plate for Panasonic GX7

This is a quick first look at the Really Right Stuff L-plate, which I ordered after almost damaging one of my lens irreversibly by mounting my camera like this:


This small setup rests on Sirui T-025X tripod, which I really like. It extends to about 140cm height, packs very compact, and very light.

But this lightness proved to be a shortfall (pun intended) when mounting even my small Panasonic GX7 in portrait orientation using the drop notch on the accompanying C-10X Ball Head and TY-C10 Quick Release Plate, with tripod at maximum height. Basically, it does not stand. Or, in my case, it stands long enough to give me the false comfort, and then proceed to fall to the floor as soon as I was beyond reach.

As I am trying to learn portrait photography, not being able to mount my camera safely in portrait orientation is a big issue. I had already researched the solution many times before, and know that pretty much my only option is the RSS l-plate. The plate is not inexpensive at $120. But compared to the risk of damaging $999 lens is taken into account, that amount starts to feel more reasonable.

This is the first RRS item I had every used, and I have to say their reputation is well earned. The material is very sturdy, and the design is very well thought of. It hugs the camera body tightly in all directions and I have access to every compartments and buttons, yet the L-plate makes it effortless to mount my camera like this:


Welcome back, my sweet centre of gravity.

And of course you can use it in landscape:


One can, of course, tilt the camera from the above configuration to portrait utilizing the drop notch on the ball head, but why would one do that? In any case, it looks a bit more secured than with the bundled plate.


All in all, I am happy with the product. If I really have to include a negative point, it would be that the L-plate makes pressing the lens release button a little more difficult than normal.

All above photos taken with my Fujifilm X100S. The setup is lighted by 2 Yongnuo YN-560 III speedlites, one bounced off a white umbrella at 1/2 power, the other at 1/4 power and diffused by a Godox 60cm softbox.


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