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Two Kodachrome treatments

Kodachrome is long revered for its look. Its combination of colour sensitivity, unique softness, yet still very natural look has wide appeal. And the fact that it went extinct just a few short years before the recent emergence of digital simulation of films adds to its mystique.

VSCO offers Ektachrome and many other film simulations, but not Kodachrome, citing that they could not emulate it with sufficient authenticity given the lack of original processing chemicals. That doesn’t stop many, many, many, many, many from providing their version of Kodachrome simulation, not least Fuji, ironically, whose X100T model came with its Classic Chrome profile.

Here I compare 2 such simulations. First is Chrome Camera Profile by Eric Cote. Eric doesn’t aim to match Kodachrome, per se, rather this work of his is based off Fuji’s Classic Chrome. And second is one preset from Really Nice Images’s latest Films simulation pack. (V.3.0) The pack actually contains no less than 44 different versions of Kodachome simulations! These are based on different vintages of the film from 40s to 60s. The one I picked for this comparison is the 1958 version.

Painter in the Park, Panasonic GH4, Lumix G Vario 35-100/f2.8, 1/640 sec at f/2.8, ISO 200

Adobe Standard Profile

Adobe Standard Profile

GH4 custom profile created with X-rite ColorChecker Passport

Xrite Color Passport Profile

Link: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport ($99)

 Chrome Camera Profile by Eric Cote

Chrome Profile

I quite like the slightly subdued colour, but somehow the whole look is underexposed.

Link: Chrome Camera Profile for Micro 4/3 ($5.99 for one camera model)

Really Nice Images RNI Films V.3.0 – Kodachrome 1958

RNI Kodachrome 1958

Compared to above’s Chrome profile, the greens are a bit more desaturated and the blues remain more blue rather than greenish. And notably more shadow details are kept.

Link: Really Nice Images Films V.3.0 ($49 for Vintage set, $122 for all sets)

Final Thoughts

I can see myself using both of these, but in different situations.

Also, the custom profile I made with X-rite ColorChecker Passport is very saturated. I wonder if I should redo it.

Title image of the Kodachrome 200 film box by Kungfuman, via Wikimedia Commons

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