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Panasonic GX8 thoughts

I had a Panasonic GX7 and still think it is a great camera. About 6 months ago, I reluctantly moved to a GH4, which has several things going for it:

  • New DFD focusing system, which is better for tracking
  • Face/eye detection
  • Better handling with the grip and more physical buttons
  • Much better battery life

The 4K video and improved codecs were actually just bonuses for me. I grew to appreciate them, but I am still mainly a still guy.

As I see it, the newly announced Panasonic GX8 will become the flagship model for stills. It keeps most of the benefit of the GH4, except for the battery life. (which is still larger than that of the GX7) It also has these over the GH4:

  • New 20MP sensor
  • In-body stabilization, which also works well with in-lens stabilization
  • Weight reduction

I also read about the post-focus feature, but think it will be just a gimmick.

I like rangefinder-style body better. (Hence the GX7, and GF2 before that) The lack of built-in flash does not bother me at all. Never used them. When I needed flash, it’s the FL-600R or FL-50, or trigger and studio flash. The slightly less full-feature video capabilities also do not bother me. I’ve never fully utilized them on the GH4.

I will probably pick this up once the price has come down, i.e. 2016.

I will miss the dedicated ISO, WB, exposure compensation buttons on the GH4, though. They are perfectly placed. I also hope the grip on the GX8 is good, or handling larger lenses like the Nocticron might be tiring.



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