Month: April 2016

4K HDMI Switcher

I recently bit the bullet and bought a new TV, an LG 55UB850T that was on a steep discount. With the panelĀ supporting 3840X2160 4K (2160p) at 100 Hz, I thought it would be perfectly matched for some 1080p and 4K gaming at 60 Hz using my HTPC. (1080p for current AAA titles, and 2160pĀ for MMOs) […]

Zotac Sonix looks good on paper

Zotac recently announced their consumer SSD storage using PCIe NVMe, joining a small club of companies offering these blazing fast storage. In the Sonix, Zotac had opted with the add-in card form factor, rather than M.2. This might exclude them from the high-end laptop market, but will be readily usable on any desktop from the […]