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Avant-garde taxi

I had a paint job done on my car earlier this month, and was without car for 10 days. This means I get to use the taxi a lot more. Two things that strikes me are 1) Taxis do like to talk politics 2) The drivers all have very potent Jatukham. Or so it seems […]

Have you seen this man?

Police sketch of bank robber, from via pin poramet’s blog. I had to contain myself from running to the nearest police station or dial 191. The good citizen that I am. I mean, how could I not? I think I saw that man they are looking for this morning just outside the office. And […]

It can be said I am very impressed with BK Magazine’s new website. While I am still partial to the web 2.0 visual style, the features simply blow me away. I am hard pressed trying to find another magazine’s website with all these offerings: full content from print version on the site, with graphics pretty […]

Cucina by Zen

It took me a while to pronounce Cucina’s name. (Ku-See-Na) Zen’s more expensive sister serves some of the better sushi I have had in Bangkok, and the price is almost not outrageous if you make your selection well. (though a bit of a surprise for restaurant in Central World) We went there yesterday and had […]