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Long day today: * CFA revision course started. We have 1 month before the exam. * Chelsea crowned champion of the English top league for the 2nd year running. * A fun party * The kind of rain that tells you summer will be over soon I’ve decided to take a month off from anything […]

Three Points Lane

I am a Chelsea fan. I think Gullit sucked as a manager. (Or at least he used to) I think Hoddle, Vialli, and Ranieri did ok. And I’m loving the Mourinho era. But being an oversea fan, my allegiance does not extend to hating the so-called rivals. For chelsea, the big three would be Arsenal, […]

The 1.9 billion man

in thai baht, that is. “£26m”: is total madness, especially considering players from france need a year of toughen up before making some kind of impact here in the english league. Anyway, I like this picture because ultimately we hope “he”: can be our Keane. Think Makelele who also attacks from second row.

Shaun Wright-Phillips

This summer we only had a few new players, as “the man”: promised. “Asier Del Horno”: seems a good player, much in the mould of Mourinho’s player, but it’s the other transfer that got me really excited. I wanted to say he is my new Zola, but I would be wrong. He is Zola on […]