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FreeNAS build coming up

I had been dipping my toes into Usenet, SABnzbd, and CouchPotato the last few days. (Also SickRage, but not very successfully) They are really a great way to manage personal media files, and together with Plex can be a very powerful combination. But these are all services that have to be running 24/7, which means […]

Password Security in Real Terms

One Man’s Blog discussed how weak the _weak_ passwords really are, making it easy to understand in terms of how many seconds it will take to break them. This is very practical and will get the message through without invoking any binary calculations. Above table is done in Google Spreadsheets and embedded using iframe. via […]

Wireless Keyboard/Mice

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to wireless desktops. _What if the battery ran out?_ But I guess I am a bit behind the time, cuz this “arstechnica”: review has showed the current offerings to be quite practical. Another $75 to be lost on silly gadgets?, asked my inner, rational self. I still […]