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Dinner in Mountain View

For dinner today, my associate took me out to a turkish restaurant on Castro Street. It was a nice walking street area with basically bars and restaurant along the mile or so stetch. The food was nice, but the company more interesting. There was me, my friend who is a manager in one chip maker […]

The TOTO Neorest

If someone ask me today, “What will you buy if you’ve got a million dollar?” The “TOTO Neorest”: has to be in the top 5 of my list. In fact, a grand bathroom fitted with all these “TOTO goodies,”: plus the Neorest in the middle, where it deservedly sit. Surely, everyone need an automatically open, […]

Google Earth – Bangkok

The big G has answered“my prayer. Google Earth was released a few hours ago today.     While lacking a lot of features available to the north america & UK version – it’s basically a desktop Google Maps that you can rotate & tilt – it is considerably faster and you can add ‘pins’ […]