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Responsive design and viewport tag

I was just asked to help fix a problem for a website. Their responsive design was working correctly on desktop browsers, but fail to response on both iOS and Android.  After some 30 minutes, everything seems to be done correctly. Where could the problem be? With my limited knowledge, I thought that perhaps max-width is […]

ไม่เข้าใจ sIFR

My server is now back online after a 10 days outage. 2005 is not one of best year. But this time, the blame is completely upon me, as I was to slow in updating my site’s system, and it fell victim to the “XML-RPC vulnerability”: discovered on July 02, 2005. Anyway, now it’s back, […]

CSS Zen Garden, Geocities Style

This is just so funny. To make his point that _animated gif_ in web pages is dead, Bruce Lawson created this CSS Zen Garden “design.”: It is so 1997 that you can’t help smiling, and even more widely if you are familiar with “CSS Zen Garden.”: The design above “IS”: “XHTML 1.0”: Strict! [via “web […]

Porting Persian Theme to Drupal

‘Porting’ is perhaps not the correct word, because it is quite done and up for download on 🙂 But I’m sure there will be some bugs to iron out. See a few screenshots and read some detail about this port here. Also, I made a book page to consolidate my writings about Drupal. Hope […]

Kubrick for Drupal released

[textile] My “Drupal”: port of the “Kubrick theme”: has been packaged, and is available now “on”: (Read more about it “here.”:/kubrick ) On a related note, I informed Michael, who of course designed the original Kubrick theme. Now “I am on binary bonsai.”: veeee !!!!!!!! 🙂