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Cucina by Zen

It took me a while to pronounce Cucina’s name. (Ku-See-Na) Zen’s more expensive sister serves some of the better sushi I have had in Bangkok, and the price is almost not outrageous if you make your selection well. (though a bit of a surprise for restaurant in Central World) We went there yesterday and had […]


What do you get when you cross good cooks, crisp photographs, and beautiful web design? You get “delicious:days.”: (valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional) This is one of my new favorite blogs, and nominee for this year’s “bloggies.”:

Western Portion

I haven’t forgot how I gain 5 kg from my last trip here. If yesterday was any reminder, I’ll really have to watch what I eat for the next 4 weeks to have any chance of returning in a recognizable form. At lunch, we went out to “Spice Hut”: and I ordered _Tandoori Chicken and […]