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The Mom Test

I like the “Mom Test”: as much as anyone. And I have to say good job for these products that had recently passed: * “Firefox”: 1.5 RC3 * “Thunderbird”: 1.5 RC * “Gmail”: * “iPod”: with video * “Flickr”: She uses these on a daily basis. Now for some that’s still in the pipeline: * […]

The New iPod

Too bad this one is not for me :S It does picture and video quite well. There is some loading time for video clips, but nothing dramatic. And there is no new controls to be learn if you have used iPod with clickwheel. p=. The box is about 1/2 that of iPod mini p=. Comes […]

Wireless Keyboard/Mice

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to wireless desktops. _What if the battery ran out?_ But I guess I am a bit behind the time, cuz this “arstechnica”: review has showed the current offerings to be quite practical. Another $75 to be lost on silly gadgets?, asked my inner, rational self. I still […]