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Online Storage Review at TechCrunch

Around 1999, online storage services like Xdrive were the next big thing. Now they are coming back, riding on the web2.0 wave. TechCrunch “reviewed”: 13 of them. From a quick glance, I think I’ll testdrive “Omnidrive,”: “Xdrive,”: and “”: sometimes this week.

Remember The Milk

“RTM”: was already the best online To Do list manager, and they have just made another big leap today with “3 new features:”: * tagging (finally) and tag cloud * advance searching (I don’t really use search, but it’s handy for the odd occasions) * smart lists, which are smart filters or persistent search, depending […]

The Song Tapper

This is one of those “I wish I came up with this” thing. Song Tapper has potential to reduce mankind’s cumulative frustration by a few notch. We all have those moments where a melody stuck in your head but you can’t quite place what song it was. And humming it to your friends do nothing […]

MSN Through Firewall

‘Occasionally’, I find myself connected behind a restrictive firewall. MSN Messenger, being the best known IM client, are usually first to be blocked. I’ve been trying a few free solution, and the one that works for my particular situation is “HTTP-Tunnel”: + “Gaim”: “Trillian,”: “HTTPort,”: and the official client does not let me through in […]

The Mom Test

I like the “Mom Test”: as much as anyone. And I have to say good job for these products that had recently passed: * “Firefox”: 1.5 RC3 * “Thunderbird”: 1.5 RC * “Gmail”: * “iPod”: with video * “Flickr”: She uses these on a daily basis. Now for some that’s still in the pipeline: * […]