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Old News

The pace of internet had meant timeliness problem for traditional media. When I listen to the radio in the morning, I’ve probably read about it from blogs or news feed the night earlier. I stopped buying gadget magazines because I’d have seen the stuffs months earlier from engadget or crunchgear. But sometimes they are much […]

The Song Tapper

This is one of those “I wish I came up with this” thing. Song Tapper has potential to reduce mankind’s cumulative frustration by a few notch. We all have those moments where a melody stuck in your head but you can’t quite place what song it was. And humming it to your friends do nothing […]

When will the Songbird Fly?

Oh, the tease! The Songbird team has been toying with us for weeks with screenshots and blog posts. It was said version 0.1 will be out next week after christmas, and I hope it will be. Not that I don’t like iTunes. It has served me well. But there were one too many of those […]

The new / Audioscrobbler

The new site had been running for a few days now, but only today had it been fast enough for me to get a smooth stream. The first and biggest overall change has to be the player. Yes, you are no longer playing the radio stream in your favorite player, but a small downloadable player […]