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Quantum Dot LED for Efficient White Light Source

The finding at Vanderbilt University has got many publicity this week, in the wake of global high energy price. The technique is based on a certain specie of quantum dot called magic-sized quantum dots. What this means is the dot size is naturally preferred, and thus easy and fast to grow. (In the case of Cadmium […]

CW Silicon Lasers

[textile] Intel has just announced its CW(Continuous Wave) Si laser result. It is giving out 8 mW, which is quite substantial, and make use of Raman amplification, as with all other Si lasers announced to date. LightReading has an article on this, and LR’s articles are more useful than most because of their comments. There […]

Ring resonator becomes optical transistor

It’s not everyday you see photonic research news on slashdot, and this looks pretty interesting. A ring resonator is waveguide made into a ring shape, and light can be confined inside if it resonate with the ring cavity. If it is made of active materials, it becomes ring laser. Another straight waveguide built on the […]

Fabrinet in the news

[textile] EMS in Thailand By Eric Miscoll, Technology Forecasters Inc. Jun 07, 2004 Thailand could well be the rising star for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) outside of China. from / archived here in case the page rot /”read full story”: The country boasts large facilities maintained by multi-national EMS providers plus numerous indigenous EMS […]