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Drupal2WordPress script

I am wary of blogging about blogging, but this deserves a post. I just migrated 645 posts with their comments from Drupal 7 to WordPress 4, using the excellent Drupal2Wordpress script. The script is by Liran Tal, who improved on original script by Robin Singh.  (Read more about the script at Liran’s post) It worked […]

Photos section

[textile] The “photos”:/photos section is re-opened. I dumped the bulky and inflexible “coppermine”: for xhtml+css based “iPAP”: by “Markku Seguerra”: . iPAP is extremely lean, and it takes only 20 minutes to ‘skin’ it to current theme. iPAP is still in its first release, and I’ll look forward eagerly to future improvements (especially the […]

PIM — what does it take?!?


It has been 48 hours, and I have still to suceed in installing a PIM(Personal Information Manager) on

What I tried
* “booby”:
* “horde”: (framework + “turba”: + “kronolith”: )
* “webo”:
* “My DataBook”:

All failed, mostly with PHP session thingy. I could never figured them out 🙁 The closest to be working is webo, but I struggled with session_register() function.

Actually my hosting have a working installation of horde made available for me through cPanel, but I want to be able to dump the mySql in case I change hosting, so this would not work.

PHP generated title image


Yay! (jumpy)

After much fiddling, I’ve finally got it (I think). I have seen this technique used in Matt Mullenweg’s website for quite some times, and he did mentioned he shared the trick with anyone who asked. But I figured I’m better off with him developing WordPress than answering my novice questions, so I didn’t go for it.

After searching the web tonight I found Mike Hudson’s blog entry, which described the technique in details. And hell, it’s not that difficult!