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Google Calendar/Outlook 2003/ScheduleWorld

Since Google Calendar’s debut in April, the burning issue for many has always been Outlook synchronization. I keep 2 separate calendar on GCal, personal and work. And I mainly want a 1-way update, having the events in my office Outlook account appearing in the ‘work’ calendar on GCal.

Most of the early success story has been with a free software called RemoteCalendar, which is supposed to do 2-way sync. The RC never worked for me, mainly because it cannot operate behind the corporate firewall. There are now a few commercial solutions on the market, and I was tempted to spend $29 if it works well.

But today, I came across “this method”: which use “ScheduleWorld”: as intermedium. SW sync with Outlook with a “desktop application,”: and sync with GCal webservice style. The manual sync works as advertised, and in a day I should know how the scheduled sync performs.

This has another advantage over RM in that repeated events are supported.

GCal after synch


I’ve never own a “Mac,”: thus never tried “quicksilver.”: I’ve heard good things about it, though. “Colibri”: is supposed to serve similar needs on a windows box, and I’m lovin’ it. Keyboard rules. [via downloadsquad]

Remember The Milk

“RTM”: was already the best online To Do list manager, and they have just made another big leap today with “3 new features:”: * tagging (finally) and tag cloud * advance searching (I don’t really use search, but it’s handy for the odd occasions) * smart lists, which are smart filters or persistent search, depending […]