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Don’t flood my feed reader

I don’t know about you, but I hate it there is too much to read each day from a single RSS feed. That’s why I unsubscribed Engadget long ago. News feed can start off being very interesting, and as they became more successful there is pressure to keep up or even increase the update frequency. […]

Picking People

Today, I made one of my best snap decision of this year, picking The Essential Drucker over Inuyasha as bath time companion. It really is what I needed right now.   At work, I’m doing a lot of staffing for new and existing position, and also fitting into a new role myself. Chapter 9, Picking People—The […]

Book Folksonomy – Which to Use?

I wrote before about the social networking sites I used for serveral things. I have found myself to still use them a lot, with an addtion of 43Places. The bunch now include most facet of me that is open for folksonomy; music, to-do’s, places, photos. But one thing is still sorely missed. Books. I have […]