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Responsive design and viewport tag

I was just asked to help fix a problem for a website. Their responsive design was working correctly on desktop browsers, but fail to response on both iOS and Android.  After some 30 minutes, everything seems to be done correctly. Where could the problem be? With my limited knowledge, I thought that perhaps max-width is […]

Drupal 5.0 Beta

“Drupal 5.0 Beta 1”: was released a few days ago. For me, this marks an important step for site maintainer. Not only the web-based installation system is now as easy as the famous 5-minute installation of WordPress, the module dependency system and module un-install system is much welcomed.

As the year is not 2004 and I haven’t contribute anything to Drupal for a long time, I am going to wait it out this time for a release candidate before using it on However, the copy of beta1 I’m now running on my test box seems to work very well.

So, how long before the first RC? The answer might be 3 months, going by recent history for 4.7 release:

* Beta 1 : 8 December 2005
* Beta 2 : 16 December 2005 – 50 bugs fixed
* Beta 3 : 9 January 2006 – 150 bugs fixed
* Beta 4 : 26 January 2006 – 120 bugs fixed
* Beta 5 : 2 March 2006 – many bugs fixed
* Release Candidate 1 : 31 March 2006
* Release Candidate 2 : 7 April 2006
* Release Candidate 3 : 15 April 2006

K2 Port for Drupal

On the last of the 4-day New Year holiday, I got a bit productive and port K2 to Drupal. This work is based on Drupal 4.7 Beta2 codes and was tested only with that version. K2 is nicer than Kubrick in several ways. It’s pure CSS and doesn’t use any image, its typography more suitable […]

ไม่เข้าใจ sIFR

My server is now back online after a 10 days outage. 2005 is not one of best year. But this time, the blame is completely upon me, as I was to slow in updating my site’s system, and it fell victim to the “XML-RPC vulnerability”: discovered on July 02, 2005. Anyway, now it’s back, […]