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Sitemap & Ping

I wrote this note for a friend and found that, while not totally new, the material doesn’t come up cohesively in the quick search that I did. (Not in the first 2 pages of Google results anyway, that’s how impatient we became) And so became this lame excuse of a blog post. Sitemap One way […]

Google Analytics 2.0

Google had just launched the second version of “Google Analytics.”: The change was described by some as _only cosmetics._ But for web analytic tools, the presentation is as important as the data itself. The new look is has a vaguely familiar feel, and it didn’t take me long to find that it is indeed the […]

Drupal Installation Profiles

One new feature I had not paid much attention to in Drupal 5.x is the installation profiles. I almost did not notice they have their own download section on You can set almost anything post-install, including   Turning on modules (core and contrib) Set permissions Create default user roles Enable translations Enable specific theme […]

Meta Theme for Drupal

“Meta Theme”: is to “Drupal”: what “K2”: is to “WordPress.”: This newly released theme by Ken Collins at “”: showcased what a good theme can do in Drupal, integrating well with many popular modules (The first I have seen) and incorporating many original contributions to the Drupal world, e.g. stylesheet switcher. I think I can […]